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The technical features of the financial system on our site make it impossible to cancel or change an already active deposit. Therefore, you can add funds to an already active deposit. If you want to increase, you can join new trade.
Growth Rate involves the auto-trade plan process, in which your deposit nominal value accruals are automatically added to the nominal value of your deposit, until it fully matures. This increases the nominal value of your investment and, accordingly, your earnings. The Auto-Trade has four options for application. If you use the 110% Growth Rate, 100% of your accrued funds will be added back to the nominal value of your deposit. For example, let's assume that you join FxAuto 4 : 110% for 5 days. If you select the AutoTrade 110% package, the nominal value of your investment will increase by 22% per day and so on till the end of your Auto-trade period.
We do not charge our customers any commission while joining trade, but network charges attracts when withdrawing to external wallet.
To reset your lost or forgotten password, please go to:
Our referral program takes into account the needs of all our investors. This includes the need for self-fulfillment in inviting new investors to the auto-trade program. Thus,if you still have an active auto-trade package, you will still be able to receive a referral reward for deposits created by referrals in your affiliate down line
You cannot change your upline after you have registered.
You can always write us at or through the feedback form. In addition, you can get support by submitting a ticket via We take any question very serious. Therefore, we will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that you receive professional and competent support.
We are available from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, GMT, daily. If our working hours change, it will be announced accordingly.
We do everything for common good and prosperity. If our client wants to talk on issues concerning common and mutually beneficial cooperation, then why not? Let us know the time and reason for your visit and we will be glad to meet you at our office and discuss any issue that requires personal presence and personal discussion

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