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Global Bitcoin Tradingt is an Automated (Robotic) Trading Software that automatically execute trading actions in forex market. Automated trading is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Being able to trade forex automatically is important when you are working with a solid strategy software company.
Save Your Time - Now you don’t need to monitor the market all the time, Less Emotional- No mistake from emotion anymore, More Accurate and Faster-Trading actions are made by accuracy and speed of AI trading software power used.
The company's website — which powers the services of Fx Analytics Limited — is designed to perform all the necessary financial transactions, statistical accounting and create an affiliate downline in an atmosphere of complete confidentiality and security of online data
BITCOIN GLOBAL CAPITAL LIMITED is a Private limited Company registered in the United Kingdom with Company number 09930781, operating in Engineering (AI) related scientific and technical consulting activities, as well as operating in the Forex market and cryptocurrency since 2015. The company has all the necessary permissions and licenses to conduct this business.
For more information about the registration details of BITCOIN GLOBAL CAPITAL LIMITED, please go to In addition, the company's contact information is available on the Contact Us page.
You can create your own personal account using the Sign Up function. Click it and then follow the instructions.
Yes, you can create more than one active account using the same IP address, computer or device.
Any of our registered clients can create more than one personal account using the same computer or the same IP address. However, all these accounts should not be linked to one referral link or used together to create an affiliate downline. Otherwise, such personal accounts will be suspended until all the relevant circumstances have been clarified. An account that has no direct connection with any other user account is what we call active personal account.
Currently, we accept the following electronic payment systems: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. is a global platform and as such global payment systems such as the listed options are used as they are more effective means of payment. Payments can then be processed into individual local currencies by investors once auto trade is liquidated

Payments Accepted